Airline Flight Status Tracker Customer Reviews:


Outstandingly good.

Extremely accurate, flexible and useful.

A very useful app

For the most part it is accurate

no updates

I paid for the pro version and my flight favourites don't update. even though the flight has departed, it does not show up on the map. how can I get a refund?

It need lmprovlmprovement

It need improvement

Great Flight Monitor

I love it ;this why I bought this for training,But it can use improvement, updating the new Airlines logos.


Missing flights

Not all flights are shown. Still having to go to airport sites! Waiting on a flight from PMI to ORK went to flightradar and it was there.

Too hard to put in baseline

Could not figure out how to put in baseline data. To do so should be intuitive: this app is anything but. Not worth the effort to figure out.

Good app

For monitoring airport arrivals is great. Wish it were in 30 minute increments instead of hour increments.

Too Old School

Love the app at first but unlike flightradar24 which shows the flight mostly exact location and shows the flight registration number this doesn't yet very useful but a little boring.the stars are for the many times the app has helped me but the developers need a serious upgrade


Bought this to follow my wife's trip to India. After take off at Heathrow it stated she had landed 3 minutes later. This was same status right to what was supposedly the end of flight.

Didn't find the flight while i found it in another application

No notification

I bought a pro, but there is no notification at all...

Most amazing travel app ever

Everything I could want and more! A perfect app for the experienced traveler! Stunning and amazing. So useful.

Input validation on the imports is very unforgiving

There is no error validation so you have to be careful ~ also I think they need to work on the support turnaround time, but I'm much happier now than I was before.

What does it do?

I got spoiled using an iPhone app that actually gave me gate info, flight status and the ability to save a flight. This program, which I paid for, does nothing! I sent flight info to my wife and it said the date was January 1, 1970. Don't waste your money.

Flight tracker

This app still does not open after the latest update because it says not responding and it needs fixing again.

If you are into airliners as I am, you will love this App!

I have paid for this and similar apps for use in all my Android hardware and if not aware, I can spend hours on them. I travel abroad for work a lot and I use them between flights. This particular app is very stable and fast on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Chrome tablet. I thoroughly enjoy it.


App force closes.

Pathetic App...

"....FlightHero has been positively mentioned by Forbes, WSJ, CNN...." Its doubtful and fake, if app doesn't work on Google own nNexus5, then think on some other device is a big joke. I have requested for complete refund, please don't buy this at all.... I'm giving single star since the screen enforces to have single star for submit button to make active..

love it!(^^)!


As a NYC taxi cab driver, I likely like this. We need airport information, like terminal number, flight status, quantity, gate number, door number, etc. flight Info is 100% accurate. "*****".


Wont list flights in sequence, even with all notifications off won't stop notifying, won't automatically synch with trip it, keeps notifying you of flights you missed. Don't waste your money.

Not as Good as Expected

This app shows flights from many airports but lets say for an example I search JFK arrivals and click on a plane that says American Airlines going to wherever its going but underneath that it says its operator is British airways and the airline becomes British airways not an Amrican Airline, there are many that have different opperators unless it means something else? and the layout of the app is not as good as the previous version!



Battery killer

Has used 70% of my battery over the last 7 days despite not being used, being set to manual update and the notifications set to disabled Was good when used

Not good

I downloaded the free one then I had to buy the professional one, I bought it but it didnt work, I made a refund but the money wasnt returned

Search problem

Did not find my flight. For search need to supply all parameters, why?


Useless, thank you for nothing



Ripped off, pure garbage

Since updating, it doesn't remember saved airports. Needs to be fixed!

Crap app

Does not work as it should. Needs to be reworked.

Bad updates

Keeps turning my phone on and repeats information over and over. Took it of my phone.

Tripit sync doesn't work

Tripit sync doesn't work.

Not accurate

My flight is in 2 days. I have a confirmed ticket. This app tells me there is no such flight. Really? Flight was SV143

Worked in the beginning... now after update just crashes

Samsung Galaxy SII running all updates... and this thing fails. By all the other recent reviews, it appears this app is in a death spiral. UPDATE: Uninstalled and re-installed... and uninstalled and re-installed... and uninstalled and re-installed... and finally works. But definitely not something I'm going to rely on at all. UPDATE/RESPONSE... my problems were with your update(s). I uninstalled and re-installed again... same. When it "kind of works", most of the time there's no data, with a "The server is not available or in the service." (I didn't know servers could serve in the military... clearly a problem with English here.) But the point is, unreliability is one of the problems... also, times are often off by an hour plus or minus... someone doesn't understand GMT, etc.


Whats the point in an app that initially puts the correct time and date but as you move around the world changes the time schedule to one thats incorrect my flight tomorrow from Dubai is at 14:35 local time but the app is telling me its at 10:35 thats not even UK time now the clocks have changed this app is useless

Bad purchase for me

Poor interface Confusing controls Not all of the advertised functionality works properly Sync with tripit, which was the reason I've bought this for, is an additional in app purchase. Don't bother with this one

Timezone issue

It doesn't take into account the time zone the phone are in and the time zone the flight is being tracked. UPD: Haven't tried on the latest version because: - App doesn't know all the airlines. Utair (UT) as an example. - Flight search is very inconvenient with these multiple fields and moving from one screen to another to put airline name and flight number for example. App removed. Won't be installed again.